To save time and space, I’m going to tell you who I am in dot-point form.
I am:

  • Megan
  • Very passionate about music
  • Unfortunatley not musically talented (yet)
  • Not sure how to write about myself in a way that will make you want to read more..

But if you persevered through that, congrats. You’re possibly wanting to know why we’re all here.

Basically, this blog is a lil space for me to let out all my musical fan girling, as well as documenting new discoveries and things that I find interesting along the way. I’ll be reviewing/gushing about gigs I go to, albums I listen to, songs I find that make me cry in a good way, and I may even chuck in a playlist or two that I’ve thrown together (hire me @Spotify)

It’s more or less just me talking to the digital version of myself about things that make me tingle.

If music makes you tingle too and you’d like to discuss it, feel free to contact me!

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