Artist watch: Mad Mike and The Irrational Ducks

Firstly, yes, what a sick name for a band, right?

Mad Mike and The Irrational Ducks promo

And in case you’re wondering, there is a narrative behind it:

‘Mad Mike is torn between his passion to be a blues singer and hunting down three pesky irrational ducks that regularly make his life hell. This is a cat and mouse tale of epic proportions.’ – Mad Mike and The Irrational Ducks

The two piece hails from Melbourne, Australia, and is made up of Charles Caldow and Fausto Ruggeri. With a blend of blues, rock, dance and electro, there is sure to be something for everyone here.

Their latest track, ‘I’m A Little Bit Sideways’, features on their debut EP, titled ‘SEASON 1’. Apart from being a little bit sideways (haha), It’s also a little bit dirty and a little bit sexy, and features a guitar riff that’ll have you feeling like you’re whooping bad guys in a classic action film.

For just two people, these guys sure know how to make a lot of sound. Find out for yourself by streaming ‘I’m A Little Bit Sideways’ on Soundcloud here.

Follow them on Facebook here, and check out their triple j unearthed profile here!

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