EP Review: Tombolo – Dolphin Skis

Cover art by Tiana Ikuvalu

If you like the sounds of Last Dinosaurs, Jinja Safari and just generally feeling good, you’ll love Tombolo’s debut EP, Dolphin Skis.

Inspired by dreams, African rhythms and the abstract concepts of geography, Tombolo’s music will transport you to wherever you want to go. Dolphin Skis is the perfect vehicle to take you on a tropical journey to escape this cold Melbourne winter.

The third track on the EP, ‘O’la’, has an incredibly catchy chorus that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and make you want to drop everything, run outside, and dance around your backyard. Watch the clip for O’la below.

Frontman, Tom Riccioni, showcases his smooth vocal range, hitting those sweet high notes in ‘She’s My Baby’ that are sure to make all listeners melt like a candle. Riccioni’s vocals are blended with Joshua Caverson’s seamless production and Nicholas Ruggero’s bass to create the cruisy, tropical sound that is, Dolphin Skis.

Catch Tombolo this Friday at Bar303 in Northcote, stream Dolphin Skis here, and buy a digital download of O’la here.

O’la official video by Joshua Caverson.

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