Album Review: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Hope Downs’


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have absolutely nailed the recipe to creating riffs that make you feel super good on both the inside and the outside.

Their debut album, Hope Downs, has been highly anticipated since the release of the first single, Mainland, which copped some serious airplay on Triple J, and tonnes of love at their live shows earlier in the year.

Opening with An Air Conditioned Man, listeners are immediately thrown into excellent riff that makes you feel like you’re driving along the Great Ocean Road in the Australian summer with your windows down. (A very pleasant experience, if you haven’t already done so).

The good times just keep on coming as the album progresses to Talking Straight, then followed by Mainland, which is the perfect trio of tracks to set the tone for the rest of the record.

As you listen through the album, you truly become acquainted with RBCF’s knack for intertwining poetic lyrics with guitar riffs and jams that will lift your spirits so high your body will ascend into the sky.

Catch these guys at Splendour in the Grass in July, or on their Australian tour starting in September. For more info:

Megan’s faves: Exclusive Grave, Time in Common.


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