Upcoming Single Release: ‘Simple Luv’ Oscar Key Sung

SINGLE Oscar Key Sung Simple Luv.png
Courtesy of the artist

Meet one of Melbourne’s sweetest sounding electronic/RnB producers/artists: Oscar Key Sung.

In anticipation of his first EP since 2015 comes Oscar Key Sung with his new single, ‘Simple Luv’.

With an even stronger RnB vibe than previous releases, Key Sung doesn’t keep the listener waiting long before he introduces his smooth as butter vocals that he’s so known and loved for. The bass dips in and out between the bridge and chorus, which consequently makes your ears feel nice, and it includes lyrics that were written in less than 24 hours during an intense and emotional flight from Melbourne to Paris.

Key Sung’s ability to make the listener feel sad but in a nice way (nostalgic perhaps?) is something that’s always intrigued me about his music, and we can expect to be feeling plenty more sad but in a nice way in May, when his EP, ‘No Disguise’ is released.

Simple Luv will be available next Friday, 27th of April, via Good Manners Records. Keep your eyes peeled for this juicy track.

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