Gig review: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever @ Howler 8/4/18


Since hearing about their set at Laneway this year, I’ve been super keen to see these guys live.

On night 2/2 sold out shows in Melbourne, I had high expectations which were certainly exceeded.

Opening with ‘Julie’s Place’, a familiar favourite, really set the tone for the the night. Visually, RBCF are a treat to see live. With four guitarists, who also double as vocalists, and a drummer, there’s defnitely a lot to see in their live show. The extended guitar jams that appear throughout many of their tracks are a genuine pleasure to experience. It’s awesome to see musicians enjoying each other’s company on stage as these guys all appeared to be doing, where they regularly formed a group huddle to jam out together before dispersing back out across the stage to play out each track.

Another visual aspect I really enjoyed was the lighting – never underestimate the power of a disco ball… But most importantly, RBCF sound just as good live, if not better, as they do recorded. The sound quality was excellent, and the mix of vocals played out really nicely live.

Finishing with French Press, where the notorious guitar breakdown sent sparks flying throughout the crowd, I was sure there wasn’t going to be an encore, and actually started leaving the room before the sound of the adoring crowd greeting the band back on stage made me turn around (and I’m sure glad I did). They returned to play us two more tracks, and finished with ‘Heard You’re Moving’, which has easily become one of my favourites after learning the sweet meaning behind it.

And now after the release of the Splendour in the Grass lineup this morning, I’m pretty keen to go and see them again in July!

Highlight track: ‘Sick Bug’

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