Single review: ‘Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays’ – Unknown Mortal Orchestra


Since only being released this morning, I am already a big fan of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s super fresh track, ‘Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays’.

Upon first listen, I was already finding it hard not to groove along to Ruben’s slinky vocals, and despite being on the train on my way to uni when listening, I had to allow myself a little public head bop.

Opening with an almost inter-galactic vibe, and staying true to UMO’s traditionally funky sound, this is definitely one you can work up a good side-step to – especially once the chorus kicks in about half way through the track and adds a slightly different tone. I quite like the structure of the song too; there are some really nice chorus extensions which almost take you by surprise

By the sounds of this track and ‘Not in Love We’re Just High’ alone, I can already tell Sex & Food is going to be a notable album for 2018, and I’m super excited to hear more.

Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays gets 3.5/5 head bops (stars).

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