Album review: Jungle – For Ever

Four years following their self-titled debut album, U.K outfit, Jungle are back with the funk.


Upon first listen, For Ever takes a slightly lighter tone to their previous work; incorporating nostalgic, dream like sounds with a funky bass line and of course the unmistakable sound of their collective falsetto

Tracks like Beat 54 (All Good Now) show the musical stretch they’ve taken in this album by branching out into elements of disco, and incorporating strings reminiscent of 1950’s romance films. Casio shows the group experimenting with their usual vocal setup, pulling back their mutli-vocalist flair with just one male vocalist on the verse and the addition of a solo female voice heard in the last 30 seconds of the track.

Despite a lighter approach to some tracks, the classic Jungle sound is still evident in opening track, Smile, as well as Heavy, California and Happy Man, which is sure to keep everyone happy, from O.G Jungle fans to newcomers.

The album has an overall funk and soul vibe to it, whilst still taking the time to draw back into slower, croonier tracks like Mama Oh No. Towards the end of the tracklist we hear Cosurmyne, that replaces the usual distinct drum beat with a whimsical piano riff reminiscent of old school Disney, and even features a vocal sample that they’ve definitely dug deep to find.

In a year that has seen a multitude of really solid, well put together albums from artists around the world, Jungle’s For Ever album earns its place as one of my favourite albums of the year. In fact, I’m giving it 5/5 stars.

Splendour in the Grass: Best Bits

I fulfilled a somewhat lifelong dream of attending Splendour in the Grass recently, and needless to say, I had the time of my life.
Warning: she’s a long read.


Making the long 17 hour road trip up to Byron Bay from Melbourne may have been tedious, but it was well worth every $1.49 per litre we spent on petrol (way to break the bank).

I could spend years talking about the ~vibe~,  how cold it was at night, and how steep the hill to the ampitheatre was, but instead I’ll kick it straight to the music.

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EP Review: Tombolo – Dolphin Skis

Cover art by Tiana Ikuvalu

If you like the sounds of Last Dinosaurs, Jinja Safari and just generally feeling good, you’ll love Tombolo’s debut EP, Dolphin Skis.

Inspired by dreams, African rhythms and the abstract concepts of geography, Tombolo’s music will transport you to wherever you want to go. Dolphin Skis is the perfect vehicle to take you on a tropical journey to escape this cold Melbourne winter.

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Album Review: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Hope Downs’


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have absolutely nailed the recipe to creating riffs that make you feel super good on both the inside and the outside.

Their debut album, Hope Downs, has been highly anticipated since the release of the first single, Mainland, which copped some serious airplay on Triple J, and tonnes of love at their live shows earlier in the year.

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Single release: Kllo – ‘Potential’

kllo - potential
Courtesy of the artist.

Back with their first release of 2018, dreamy Melbourne duo, Kllo, share their new track titled ‘Potential’.

The new track encapsulates their more contemporary sound, taking on an even smoother style than previous work. Vocalist, Chloe Kaul’s, voice takes the listener on a beautiful, dreamy journey as always, while producer, Simon Lam, maintains the smooth electronic pop sound that Kllo is known and loved for.

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This Is America

If you haven’t heard Childish Gambino’s new song, or at least heard something ABOUT it then I don’t know where you’ve been, but it’s damn important.

For those who haven’t, please:

Not much else really needs to be said, except for the fact that I’ve never been so equally scared and impressed by a music video before. If this doesn’t make you uncomfortbale about America’s current gun laws, I don’t know what will.

Me geeking out about Jamie xx music videos

If you know me, you’ll know that I have a deep obsession with the English producer/musician, Jamie xx.

I recently watched the music video to his track ‘Gosh’ and, holy moly, it’s one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen. Basically, you just need to watch it for yourself and you’ll understand. Keep in mind that there is no CGI or green screen or anything used in the making of it…

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